Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers Vs. Celtics

Lakers vs. Celtics Pregame Shoot Around Tonight the Lakers take on the much despised Boston Celtics.  Celtics made some big changes in the off season after failing to make the Finals.  Despite Gordon Hayward being lost for the season in the very first game, the Celtics have ran off 9 straight victories after [...]

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Preview Wizards vs Lakers

Wizards vs. Lakers Preview Tonight's Keys All-Star backcourt, John Wall and Bradley Beal present plenty of matchup problems Defense will be a major key for the Lakers, specifically who will Lonzo Ball be guarding.  There is really nowhere to hide him, as the Washington Wizards boast 2 all-star caliber players in [...]

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Lavar Ball: Fatherless Players Plan to BBB

Lavar Effect: Fatherless Players Plan to BBB (Badly Brutalize Ball) By Jeremiah the Prophet On the opening night for the Los Angeles Lakers, Lonzo fell victim to the first of a long line of players that have set out to destroy him. Patrick Beverly, the Clippers fiery defensive savant, came to work with [...]

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Pelicans Vs. Lakers Pregame

Pregame Breakdown Lakers vs. Pelicans Three things to look for tonight as the Lakers play the New Orleans Pelicans tonight. Lonzo matches up against the formidable Jrue Holiday tonight Lonzo Ball-Like most nights Lonzo Ball leads off the discussion, as his play will be essential into determining whether or not the [...]

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Pre Game Notes- Lakers Open Season Tonight Finally opening night for the Lakers has arrived, as they get ready to open their season against the crosstown rivals, and personally hated by yours truly, LA Clippers.  Let’s take a look at few noteworthy issues for the Lakers going into their season opener. Lonzo Ball [...]

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Julius Randle Lakers 6th Man?

Julius Randle Lakers 6th Man? Julius Randle is probably the most enigmatic player on the Lakers right now.  In my own personal opinion I think Julius could be the most productive player on the Lakers this year.  That was under the assumption that Julius Randle would be the starting power forward [...]

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Lakers 3 Keys to tonights game Tonight the Lakers take on the Utah Jazz.  I’m going to be looking out for the following three things when it comes to tonight’s game. Defense, Defense, DEFENSE! Can the Lakers keep up the defensive effort they showed against the Sacramento Kings last game?  I’m hoping they [...]

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Three Things To Watch For

Three Things To Watch For It's been a bumpy ride thus far for the Lakers during the preseason.  Here are three things to look for tonight as the Lakers take on the Sacramento Kings in their fourth preseason game of the 2017-18 season. Lakers defense has been atrocious to start the season, do [...]

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Lakers Recap: Pre-Season T-Wolves vs. Lakers

Lakers Recap Pre-Season T-Wolves vs. Lakers My quick take after tonight’s preseason game.  You can see what it is that the Lakers want to do defensively.  It definitely looks different than the principals that they were employing last year defensively.  There were moments that the things they were doing, were working on defense, [...]

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