A True Story - Jeremiah Da Prophet We are proud to announce, that after years and years of digital excavation...we have unearthed video footage, of the man the myth, the Laker Legend....JEREMIAH DA PROPHET!  Never seen before footage documents his mythical greatness and we are pleased to be able to share that footage [...]

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Vegas Odds: Win Totals

Vegas Odds: Lakers Season 2018 Vegas has released odds pertaining to the records of all teams in the NBA, here is a quick synopsis and break down of the team win totals as published on  Along with my opinin on to whether or not that team will [...]

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Thunder Extend Westbrook 5 Years $205 Mill

Thunder Extend Westbrook 5 Years $205 Mill It’s been reported that Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to a contract extension to the tune of $205 million dollars, over the next 5 years after his current contract expires following the conclusion of this season.  This makes Westbrook set to become the [...]

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