5 Unlikely Laker Rosters That Are So Crazy They Might Work

By: Jeremiah Da Prophet

Magic and Rob Pelinka were brought in to make big moves for the Lakers. It’s time to show and prove

After years of sub-par performance and losing records, the Lakers have entered the 2018 offseason with more optimism than they’ve had in years. Armed with a core of talented young players and the MOST AVAILABLE CAP SPACE IN THE NBA, the Laker front office has reason to be excited about the opportunity to upgrade their roster. With so many superstars entering free agency or being placed on the trade block, rumors have swirled around the league about new potential super teams forming. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the CRAZIEST rosters the Lakers could possibly put together.
First of all, let’s be clear… This is a list of UNLIKELY Laker Rosters and while these are all POSSIBLE, they may require quite a bit of cooperation from players/opposing GMs. These scenarios don’t reflect what the West Coast Crossover Gang or the Laker Front Office May feel is best. These are just 5 of the wildest possibilities I could come up with over a blunt and a pancake this morning.
So without further ado, let’s talk about the team I came up with at the height of my intoxication…
1. The Handyman Squad:
Isaiah Thomas
Lonzo Ball
Brandon Ingram
Kyle Kuzma
Demarcus Cousins
Julius Randle
Josh Hart
Thomas Bryant
Luol Deng
Think the Lakers young core shouldn’t be broken up? Also think the Lakers need more superstar talent? Feel like we should hold out to see who’s available in 2019? Well…. BAM!!!! Sign two broken down superstars who need to prove to the league that they still got it! IT and Boogie could both possibly sign a one year or team/player option after the first year deal that accomplishes ALL of that. The team would still lack shooting but could theoretically keep their core together and not have to mortgage the future by trying to move Deng. There’s a slight chance that they both regain their full potential and the Purple and Gold have a super team for years to come.
See… told you I was high. I’m so high that I’m thinking into the future…. and I never do that. Now, let’s go polar opposite!
2. The F*** the Future I want Lebron Squad:
Kawhi Leonard
Lebron James
Carmelo Anthony
Nerlens Noel
Dwayne Wade
I swear this was supposed to be just weed… I think someone sprinkled some crack in there but still…. this COULD work.
Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka “say” they love their young core but if they have the chance to swing, why not go for the ULTRA COMBO? Lebron has said on record that he’d love to play with his banana boat crew and there’s a chance it could happen in LA!! Sure the Rockets are a better team to join now, but what if the Lakers had all the money needed AND Kawhi Leonard in tow? The Lakers could theoretically let Randle go, trade ALL the youngsters to get rid of Deng plus nab the Claw from San Antonio. BOOYAH…. a Super(old) Team is born. Wade is at the age to ring chase for the minimum and let’s be honest, OKC doesn’t want Melo. If they were to negotiate a buyout, he would have every reason to sign with Lebron and CP3 in LA for the minimum. The Lakers could possibly keep one of the young studs as well… (Ahem… Lonzo)
Welp… my highs coming down so let’s get a little more realistic.
A little…. 3. Big 3 and medium 3:
Paul George
Demarcus Cousins
Surprise!!! The Lakers add not one….. not two…. but THREE SUPERSTARS!!! Well… kinda. But u get it. Perhaps Cousins being injured and considered crazy AF creates the perfect storm for a Lakers super rebuild. It’s possible that no one wants to take a huge chance by paying him big. Plenty of teams will offer him something but he may want to hold out for a max contract in 2019. If the Lakers stretch Deng and let Randle walk they can sign PG13 and Lebron for max money and offer Boogie the chance to play for the mid-level exception in order to prove his worth to the league. If he were to prove that he’s healthy the Lakers would have his “Bird-rights” and would gladly go into luxury tax to keep him along with the main young pieces. Crazier things have happened… As a matter of fact, (hits blunt again) here’s a much crazier idea.
4. The We didn’t do Sh** Squad:
Liangelo Ball (why not!?)
Oooooooh snap!!! Here’s what all you Lebron haters have been begging for! Y’all have been saying “we don’t need Lebron” and “we just need to let these fellas grow.”
Welp….. OK. Here ya go! Let’s just run it back with these same dudes minus KCP, Brook Lopez, and the rest of the guys that may have a personal agenda to get paid. The Lakers front office could save cap space for the 2019 free agency while letting their core gel together. Magic Johnson could even add another Ball family member just to make sure the Lakers remain on ESPN’s First Take everyday.
While the team could possibly see a regression in the win column, they could also position themselves for a more sustainable future by not stretching/buying-out/trading Deng and by likely adding a relatively high pick in the 2019 draft. This could be Plan D if no superstars take the Laker bait…. go back into (takes a long deep pull and coughs hard) tank mode!!
Last but not least… pass me the moon rock and let’s get super weird.
5. Team Taken Advantage Of:
JJ Redick
Will Barton
Nerlens Noel
Trevor Arizona
Jahlil Okafor
Josh Hart
Ellington F**k it!!!
Who needs cap space or a superstar? How about the Lakers spend ALL their money on the NBA’s version of the EXPENDABLES? The league will be full of players that fall victim to bad timing and poor economic situations. The Lakers could possibly wait for the fallout of the Lebron/PG/Kawhi free agency explosion and take the opportunity to fill the roster with undervalued players that ACTUALLY FIT LUKE WALTON’S SWITCHABLE SYSTEM. Sure… they wouldn’t have money OR a superstar but they have a team full of reasonable contracts that could make a have a chance to form a 2004 Pistons-type roster. No big egos. No headliners. No ball-dominant….. great players. It’s so crazy it might work.


Let us know which of these you would like to see in the comments below.
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