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JD developed an early addiction to sports in his formative years, and an undying love for all things Lakers. In addition to talking sports, he enjoys participating, listening, and betting on sports. His well thought out takes, and matter of fact personality gives him a unique take on what’s going on in the world of sports.


A True Story - Jeremiah Da Prophet We are proud to announce, that after years and years of digital excavation...we have unearthed video footage, of the man the myth, the Laker Legend....JEREMIAH DA PROPHET!  Never seen before footage documents his mythical greatness and we are pleased to be able to share that footage [...]

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West Coast Crossover Behind The Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look as we prep to put together another Lakers podcast   https://youtu.be/Gr6De4AXk4s Subscribe to the West Coast Crossover podcast on iTunes, iHeart radio, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, Youtube and don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to keep up with the West Coast Crossover

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Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Bucks

Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Bucks Lakers vs Bucks Tonight the Lakers are taking on the Milwaukee Bucks tonight and will be looking to turn things around after losing the first two games of their road trip.  After starting the season out hot, the Bucks have fallen back in the East and currently [...]

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Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers Vs. Celtics

Lakers vs. Celtics Pregame Shoot Around Tonight the Lakers take on the much despised Boston Celtics.  Celtics made some big changes in the off season after failing to make the Finals.  Despite Gordon Hayward being lost for the season in the very first game, the Celtics have ran off 9 straight victories after [...]

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Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Grizzlies

Blog Post Title Tonight the 4-5 Lakers matchup against the 6-3 Memphis Grizzlies.  The Grizzlies are coming off a win against the Clippers where they were led by Michael Conly and his 22 points.  This is a big game for the Lakers as they will be looking to even up their record at [...]

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Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs Pistons

Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Pistons Shooting – The Lakers have been dreadful shooting the three pointer this year, they are dead last in the league in efficiency at 27.8% so far this season.  The Lakers must improve on this in order to beat the Pistons, but who are you going to rely [...]

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Pregame Shoot Around; Lakers vs Jazz

Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Jazz Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs. Jazz Tonight the Lakers take on the rival Utah Jazz.   They will be looking to bounce back from a very disappointing loss to the Toronto Raptors.  A game where they had a commanding lead in the 2nd quarter, and then just watched [...]

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Pregame Shoot Around: Lakers vs Raptors

Pregame Shoot Around:  Lakers vs Raptors Tonight it’s a matchup between the Lakers and the Raptors, as the Lakers will be looking to build off of their uplifting victory over the Wizards in their previous game.  Let’s take a look at some of the key elements of tonight’s game and what to look [...]

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Preview Wizards vs Lakers

Wizards vs. Lakers Preview Tonight's Keys All-Star backcourt, John Wall and Bradley Beal present plenty of matchup problems Defense will be a major key for the Lakers, specifically who will Lonzo Ball be guarding.  There is really nowhere to hide him, as the Washington Wizards boast 2 all-star caliber players in [...]

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