Preview Wizards vs Lakers

Preview Wizards vs Lakers

Tonight’s Keys

All-Star backcourt, John Wall and Bradley Beal present plenty of matchup problems

Defense will be a major key for the Lakers, specifically who will Lonzo Ball be guarding.  There is really nowhere to hide him, as the Washington Wizards boast 2 all-star caliber players in John Wall and Bradley Beal.   Lonzo will probably have to guard John Wall by default as Beal will be a little bit to much for him physically.  The talk got started early when Marcin Gortat took to twitter to state that Ball would be tortured by John Wall for 48 minutes.   A sentiment that didn’t sit very well amongst players on the Lakers.  When asked about his thoughts on Lonzo, John Wall told Candace Buckner of the Washington Post:

“Certain matchups you really get up for. Like when you play [Golden State Warriors guard] Steph [Curry], you definitely want to have a good game,” Wall said. “I’m playing against [Ball]. [Gortat] said what he said about me. I didn’t say anything. His dad has been talking. … That makes me want to go out there and lead my team and play the best I can play.”

“Nah, no mercy,” Wall responded when asked if he would show leniency to the 19-year-old rookie point guard despite his braggadocios father.

So how Lonzo Ball is able to deal with John Wall is going to be what I’m most interested to see, as this should be his toughest match-up to date, and one of the toughest he will see all season

Lakers will need a significant contribution from their bench

Bench play – The bench played well last game, and provided the spark needed in order for the Lakers to get back into a game, that they found themselves down in by 22 points.   The charge was lead by Clarkson, Randall, and in large part Kyle Kuzma who finished with 20 points.   The Washington bench is a little underrated as they are able to bring fire power off the bench with Kelly Oubre Jr, who has gotten off to a good start this year.  As well as Jodie Meeks, who has struggled a bit to find his shot, but has shown the capability to put up a lot of points in a hurry throughout various points in his career.  Inside Ian Mahini and Mike Scott provide rugged defense and support on the boards in an effective manner.  That being said the Lakers bench looks to be better than the Wizards bench, and this will probably be the Lakers only advantage over the Washington Wizards in this game, therefor it’s imperative these guys show up and play well, specifically Julius Randle if we’re naming names.

Hopefully we get more finishes at the rim like this

Brandon Ingram – The enigma that is Brandon Ingram…is he a budding superstar set to lead the charge back to greatness, or is he a bust?  One more game for him to build his case one way or the other.   Based on what I have seen, Brandon Ingram, at his very best may become Tayshaun Prince in his prime.  But he is still quite a ways away from even being that.  Otto Potter is no slouch, especially on the defensive end.  This is not a good game for Brandon Ingram to go out there and play all wild and over aggressive, because it will probably result in one of those 3-15 type of nights for him.   The game against the Suns was cool, but that is looking like an exception to the rule based on the other performances surrounding it.  Hopefully he looks good out there tonight, and can live up to a bit of the expectations that fans, management, and he has upon himself.

In my estimation I can see a similar situation to the Denver game, whereas the Lakers are getting blown out early, only to mount a furious comeback, to ultimately fall short in the end.  However I don’t see the Wizards letting the Lakers all the way back in it like the Nuggets did.   Wizards 119 -106.

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