Pregame Warm Up – Lakers Vs. Suns

Pregame Warm Up – Lakers Vs. Suns

Well, after all the hoopla and anticipation that surrounded the season opener, and the debut of Lonzo Ball, the Lakers went out and promptly got their ass kicked buy the Los Angeles Clippers, putting a damper on an otherwise festive day.  The Lakers get a chance to immediately turn it around and prove that they will not be a team full of bums, and that yesterday’s game was some type of anomaly.  Fortunately for the Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are projected to be weak as fuck this year, and should be a team that the Lakers can actually beat.   The fact that the Suns came out and lost their season opener by a whopping 48 points underscores the reality that the Lakers aren’t going to be able to use any bullshit excuses should they get their brains beat in by the Suns.  Let’s take a look at some of the key factors in tonights matchup.

Lonzo Ball-  One thing that is not fortunate however, is that Lonzo Ball will have to deal with Eric Bledsoe in this game.   Look, say whatever you want, but this has the potential to be a big ass problem for Lonzo.  If he thought Patrick Beverly was physical and a lot to deal with, what the fuck is he supposed to do when Eric Bledsoe brings his swoll NFL running back lookin ass onto the court?  The one thing that jumped off the screen immediately was how frail and thin Lonzo Ball looked on the court playing with NBA vets…he looked, well, like a 19 year old kid with grown ass men.   Its clear he has to figure out a way to navigate this disadvantage or he is going to be getting pushed around, punked, and physically abused every single game.  Lonzo step it up, get more aggressive looking to score, because you got guys around you who aren’t able to put the ball in the bucket when you do make a nice play.  Looking to be aggressive as a scorer and being respected in that capacity will go a long way to freeing up other players to contribute.   Good luck with that tonight, because I got the feeling Bledsoe ain’t having none of that shit, and he is going to be in for another long night.

Brandon Ingram with yet another unsuccessful attempt to generate offense

Brandon Ingram – Yo has anybody seen this guy since that first summer league game when he went off?  Hello Brandon where the fuck are you? Your team needs your right about now…oh there he is, over there taking and missing another ill advised shot.   BI need to get on his shit as well.  Fuck the excuses he been garbage so far.  So let me go ahead and throw in the obligatory, “but hopefully he will come around” now that we got that out the way.  Bruh you better not come out tonight and get shutdown by a rookie, on me.   Everybody speaking on you like you supposed to be something special, nigga where?  Please go out there and shut me the fuck up, because up until this point, he’s been trash.

Randle getting dunked on violently and viciously by Blake

Julius Randle – Look I know your salty that your coming off the bench. But you have no one to blame but your damn self.   You have had two years to prove that you are the answer at the Power Forward position, and so far people still see you as a question mark.   Don’t sulk go out there and do something about it on the damn court to show that you belong on that court more, don’t cry about it, you to damn big and physical to be out here poking your lip out and catching attitudes like a 13 year old girl FOH with that shit, man the fuck up, and if you that damn butt hurt go prove that Luke Walton is making a mistake.  If that ain’t enough motivation for you, go out there and play so you can earn a fat ass payday and bounce if you that damn upset. Either way, you need to be better.

The Clippers’ Willie Reed #35 dunks the ball during their game against the Lakers at the Staples Center, Thursday, October 19, 2017. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

Bottom line is Lakers need to do better in every phase of the game, and I know I pointed out specific players here, but let’s not get anything twisted, everybody was trash af last night.  If that happens again then you can expect me to start flaming these dudes on the reg.   What I saw last night didn’t even give me that, “oh but I see positive things as well” feeling.   It gave me that “Oh my god, are we going to win any games this year?” feeling.  I

I’m not even saying that the Lakers need to go out there and win this game, although I won’t argue with anybody who says they do.   But they damn sure need to improve on what they showed us last night.

Don’t forget to follow us, as we will break down the game and drop a podcast for ya’ll, and if the Lakers come out and look pathetic again, man, I’ll just hope they don’t.

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