Brandon Ingram Sees Himself Spending Time at the Point Guard Position

Brandon Ingram Sees Himself Spending Time at the Point Guard Position

Recently Brandon Ingram opened up to Lakers media about the idea of spending some time at the point guard position for the Lakers.

With that being said let’s explore the options of Brandon Ingram spending some time in the Lakers back court

Ingram played minutes at the point last year.  However I wouldn’t say he fulfilled the traditional role of a point guard.  He mainly brought the ball across half court, and would then pass to Jordan Clarkson or Lou Williams who would then initiate the offense.  But still, he showed that he was adapt enough at handling the ball to at least be trusted to do that competently.

In my opinion I can see Brandon getting minutes at shooting guard as opposed to point guard.   I think the Lakers have enough talent to play the point to get by.  Lonzo Ball is going to get a majority of his minutes at the point, and Jordan Clarkson has shown that he is capable of being an effective backup at either spot, even though his game is more suited to play the shooting guard position. Also Tyler Ennis and Josh Hart should also be able to provide 10 minutes off the bench in the traditional role of a backup point guard.  But you can definitely bring Kuzma off the bench to play the 3, and move BI to shooting guard to play with Ball, or Clarkson.  Which would free up minutes for Kuzma to play, while not compromising Ingrams minutes.   Kuzma is making it extremely hard to deny him minutes, and if he keeps showing that he is capable, the Lakers will be in a position where they will have no choice but to play them together.  So that may be something that they want to figure out sooner rather later, as far as how those 2 look on the court at the same time.

Brandon Ingram has shown the speed and athleticism, combined with his tall frame, to be able to guard 2’s effectively.  He can play off of them so that they can’t drive around him, and still has the quickness, length and hops, to challenge the shot should they try to pull up.  The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Brandon Ingram spending a few minutes at the shooting guard, where I think he will have many advantages over his opponent.  He hast the skill to effectively minimize any perceived disadvantages normally associated with someone his size trying to guard 2’s.

Offensively his shot has not been falling for him in the preseason, but he has shown a quickness and explosion that he did not exhibit much during his rookie season.  It leads me to believe that he will still be quick enough to get to the rim, especially if he is catching passes as he is moving.  He has also shown the ability to play in the post against smaller defenders, and his ability to handle the ball makes him extremely adept at finding open cutters or kicking out to shooters when defenders sag off their man to help in the post.

Shooting guard is definitely a position that is in flux for the Lakers.  They signed KCP, who has a reputation as an excellent defender, but his offense has been relatively unreliable throughout his career.  He has shown flashes of becoming a top level 3 and D type of player, but he is not quite there yet.  He definitely doesn’t merit 35+ guaranteed minutes at the 2 if you have other options available on the roster that might be more effective at that position.

Brandon Ingram is expected to have a break out season, showing an ability to be versatile and effective and multiple positions would definitely be something that bolds well for him individually, as well as for the Lakers overall.   The Lakers will definitely need his help all over the court if they are going to have any measure of success this season.  Maybe some time in the backcourt would be the move that is beneficial to both parties.


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