Vegas Odds: Win Totals

Vegas Odds: Win Totals

Vegas Odds: Lakers Season 2018

Vegas has released odds pertaining to the records of all teams in the NBA, here is a quick synopsis and break down of the team win totals as published on  Along with my opinin on to whether or not that team will fall short of, or exceed that number.  Fell free to comment and let me know what you think about the projected totals.

Los Angeles Lakers

According to my research on bookmakers along the Vegas strip, the Lakers have an over/under over 33.5 this year.   With the Lakers projected to finish 13th in the conference, with only the Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns projected to win fewer games then the Lakers, at 29 and 27.5 wins respectively.  

I tend to disagree with this assessment.   It might be the Laker homer in me, as I rarely bet against Vegas, but I’m definitely going to get some action on the over for the Lakers.  I’ve stated before, I think the Lakers will be battling for the 7th or 8th spot in the West, and I think, if things go well for them, 40 wins is definitely an attainable number for them.   So you better believe I’ll be laying down a bet on the Lakers to exceed that number for the upcoming season.

The Lakers at 33.5, how do you feel about this number, you think the Lakers are going to hit the over and lose a bunch this year and fall short of the number?

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers have been projected to win 43.5 wins, and finish 7th in the West this year.  Projected to have fewer wins then teams like Minnesota and Denver expected to have more wins then the Clippers this year.

I think the win total is about correct, but I do have the Clippers finishing 6th in my preseason prediction for the Western conference.  I think this total might be a little to close for me to call, I will let this one pass, but if I had to, I might be inclined to bet the over on this one.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have been projected out to win an astonishing 67.5 games.   A little less astonishing when you factor in that they won 67 last year, and a league record 73 the year before.  Can the Warriors keep winning games at such a rate, when teams in the West have been loading up in an effort to thwart them?

In my opinion the Warriors might hold back a bit during the regular season in an effort to gear up and make sure their team is operating at 100% efficiency in the playoffs.  I think if nothing else, winning 72 games and failing to win the championship taught them that they need to put a premium on the post season as opposed to going all out the entirety of an 82 game regular season.  I think we will see an effort similar to last seasons, you combine that with teams aggressively trying to beat the Warriors during the regular season and I think the Warriors fall short of this number during the regular season, but will still stand victorious and the end of the season culminating in another championship for the Golden St. Warriors.

Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are projected to win 27.5 games.

Nobody really cares, the Kings suck, I’m betting on them to go 0-82, this is way to much space spent on the Sacramento Kings.

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