NBA passed reforms regarding the NBA draft lottery

NBA passed reforms regarding the NBA draft lottery

Adrian Wojnarowski recently reported that the NBA passed reforms regarding the NBA draft lottery as well as rules regulating players resting when they are not listed as being sick or injured.

As far as the draft rules go, they were implemented to alleviate the number of teams tanking seasons in an effort to obtain the worst record in the league, as well as the best odds on obtaining the number 1 pick in that years draft.   In prior drafts the team with the worst overall record, had a 25% chance of landing the top pick, while the second worst team had a 19.9% chance of getting the top pick.  Under the new proposal the three teams with the worst record will now have an equal, 14 percent chance of landing the number 1 pick. The rule will not affect the 2018 draft, but will be implemented for the 2019 draft.

In regards to the epidemic of players resting without any disclosed injuries or illness.  The commissioner can now fine teams who rest players in certain situations such as allowing players to skip games that our nationally broadcast.   The commissioner has gone on record in the past in stating that he would like teams that rest players, to do so during home games, as to not deprive fans in other cities the chance to see super star players who may only come to town once over the course of a season.

What do you think about the proposed rule changes?

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